GNOME Sample Scenarios

In the previous post I made up a fictional GNOME user Hannah. She is 38 years old and is an average user. Now let’s consider a few scenarios in which Hannah would use GNOME:

Scenario 1
Hannah works as an instructional designer, she develops engaging face-to-face and eLearning content. She also leads online workshops on learning technology for school teachers and instructional designers. Thus, at work Hannah often has to prepare and deliver presentations.

Scenario 2
Hannah has enthusiasm for her work and is continuously working on development of her skills. She is going to attend the annual conference in London next week. After the conference she plans to stay in London for another couple of days, and needs to know the weather forecast.

Scenario 3
Hannah often communicates with her friends Amber and Zoe. Amber lives in San Francisco, and Zoe travels a lot and lives in different parts of the world. Hannah wants to know current local time and date in different cities and countries to choose time for meetings with her friends.


These are the examples of why someone might use GNOME. In order to accomplish her goals, Hannah would have to use LibreOffice applications, clock, and weather.


One thought on “GNOME Sample Scenarios

  1. These scenarios set the stage for Hannah (sample persona) but they don’t all describe what Hannah needs to do with her computer. What are her goals? In your other post on Scenarios ( you have this quote:

    “A good scenario is concise and answers the main questions:
    – Who is the user?
    – Why do they use the system?
    – What goals do they have?”

    In your first scenario, I might guess that Hannah needs to use LibreOffice to “to prepare and deliver [a] presentation.” But I’m not sure.

    The second scenario seems more clear: Hannah “needs to know the weather forecast.” The third also seems clear: “Hannah wants to know current local time and date in different cities and countries to choose time for meetings with her friends.”


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